Established 2020

The artist, Aleka Artemis Munroe has developed a technique of botanical pounding, in which she places live plant material—flowers, buds, leaves, and herbs—on watercolor paper, covers them with wax paper and pounds the flora with a hammer, imprinting the flora pigment into the watercolor paper. Only black or gold archival art pen is added to delineate each unique print. It is a mindful process; through experimentation Aleka has discovered more about nature’s flora than meets the eye. Aleka also creates Compasspoints Perspectives: Clearing the Chaos in Our Cages, which are a combination of photography and words to teach people to see alternate perspectives. She uses this medium in motivational speaking and as art.

Aleka Artemis Mindful Arts

100 First St Ste 506, Dover NH 03820

Hours: by appointment

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