The City of Dover has a reputation as an attractive, clean and proud community. Maintaining that image isn’t only about tending to the City’s facilities, but also requires constant attention to hundreds of other locations throughout the City, such as street islands, ball fields, median strips, parks, cemeteries and street corners.

Thanks to the dedication of Dover Main Street volunteers, the City has saved significantly on maintenance and grounds keeping costs at dozens of locations. The Adopt-A-Spot program is an example of the community pitching in to help beautify public property while saving tax dollars in the process.

The program began in 1995 as a way to allow the community – businesses, individuals, civic clubs, garden clubs, churches, and other organizations – to maintain a wide variety of public property, including all of the City’s parks. Volunteers perform routine maintenance, such as mowing, weeding, litter removal, landscape plantings, painting, and in some cases, minor repairs. Some participants choose to donate funds to help pay for maintenance or make donations of materials or provide discounts on products or services.

Whether it’s the volunteer effort to maintain these sites, or through donations, the hard work and community spirit not only help keep the City attractive, they reduce the City’s cost of such work.

Dover Main Street manages the program and is actively seeking new volunteers and adding additional spots for adoption. For more info please connect with Adopt-a-Spot Manager, Mackenzie Cooledge on Facebook.

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