Sign up for Dover Pride Cleanup Day

May 11, 2019, 8AM - 12:30 PM
Full event details here.


City Hall (20 slots)
  • Debbie Bodell
    Dover Democrats

  • Jim Verschueren
    Dover Democratic Committee

  • Samantha Adams

  • Tasha Smith
    Dover Democrats

  • Site Leader: Pamela Raley
    Dover Democrats

  • Midge Kelley
    Dover Democrats

  • Pat and Bill Ross
    Dover Democrats

  • Kristine Baber
    Dover Democrats

  • Bill Baber
    Dover Democrats

  • Kate Curcio

Skateboard Park (20 slots)
  • Site Leader: Vanessa Alander
    Signing up Ride the Robot (DMS Robotics Team). Expect 10 people

Train Station (20 slots)
  • Kate Schuetz
    I'll be bringing a little helper.

  • Cindi Couture

  • Rebecca Daskey

  • Site Leader: Eric Hagman
    Signing up Dover Fire and Rescue - expect 10 plus people

Community Trail (25 slots)
  • Princeton Dover Christy Pirkl
    Princeton Dover LLC is a local apartment community looking to give back to the community we service.

  • Jill Mahan
    No group- just my family

2nd Street Planter (3 slots)
  • Curtis Thistle

Orchard Street & Brick Walk (20 slots)
  • Jeanette Bandouveres
    I am a Realtor at Great Island Realty

  • Martha Vignola
    I am a realtor at Great Island Realty

Henry Law Park (25 slots)
  • Steve DeSalvo

  • Site Leader: Noreen Biehl
    Rotary Club of Dover

  • Tara & Chris Hamer
    TARA Photography We will have our 3 daughters with us too!

  • Linda Arel

  • Corbe Feeney

  • Jeff Bernstein

  • Tracy Thibeau
    Gateway Property and Casualty, and my family

Immigrants Park (3 slots)

Library & McConnell Center (30 slots)
  • Jess Bonello
    Dover high national honor society (I’ll bring 10-20 kids)

  • Jennifer Patria

  • Ken Patria
    The Avengers- Dover Division

  • Chris Alibrandi
    Connections for Health, IDN Region 6

  • Dover High school Key club
    Key club ( hoping to have 10+ volunteers)

  • Emily Pierce

  • Sheryl Pierce

  • Lindsey Williams
    Family and friends

  • Joanne Peck

  • Denise Talon

  • Becca Cotter
    Dover Teacher's Union

  • Mickey Cotter
    Boy Scouts - Dover Troop 173

  • Dennis Shanahan
    City Council

  • Darlene Shanahan

  • Belinda Labourdette

Joe Parks Walk (25 slots)
  • Site Leader: Elizabeth Fischer
    Joe Parks Garden

  • Janet Glazier

Woodman Institute (20 slots)
  • kathleen kowalczyk

  • Site Leader: Erica Ormsby
    Dover Girl Scouts

Smiley's (5 slots)
  • Patricia Taylor

  • Wayne Taylor

Setup at Courtyard (3 slots)

Set up DMS tent, registration table, signage, and banners 7:00 AM

  • Erin Tellez

  • Alysia Tellez

  • Cresencio Tellez

Breakdown at Courtyard (3 slots)

Take down DMS tent, registration table, signage and banners at noon.

  • Erin Tellez

  • Alysia Tellez

  • Cresencio Tellez

Tool Distribution Coordinator (1 slot)

Allocate rakes, shovels and wheelbarrows to sites (log where things went) and ensure their return at noon.

Registration Table (2 slots)

Report at 7:00 AM to get names & email addresses of volunteers. Direct volunteers to sites.

  • Erin Tellez

  • Alysia Tellez

  • Kerri Larkin

Lead Point of Contact with City Staff (1 slot)

On duty 7:00 AM

  • Deb Clough

Lunch Servers (3 slots)

Help to serve pizza, provide soda/water and keep plates and cups stocked at courtyard. Cleanup.

  • Cresencio Tellez

  • Chase Home children
    there will be a small group of kids with a staff

Announcer (1 slot)

Person with good public speaking skills to make announcements at breakfast and lunch.

No preference (50 slots)
  • Maria Korogodsky
    No affiliations/groups, but I will probably be there with my husband and 7yo daughter (if this helps with a body count).

  • Anne marie Olsen-hayward
    Geriatric Counselor and Consultant

  • Anne marie Olsen-hayward
    Geriatric Counselor and Consultant

  • Anne marie Olsen-hayward
    Geriatric Counselor and Consultant

  • Robert Qua

  • Melanie Bruner
    Wellspring Center for Wellbeing - there will be 2-4 of us available to volunteer

  • Emily Carroll

  • Emily Carroll


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