Sign up for Dover Pride Cleanup Day

May 15, 2021, 8AM - 12 PM
Full event details here.


Skateboard Park (20 slots)
  • Davis Michaud

  • Sandra Michaud

Train Station (20 slots)
  • Tara Tracy

Community Trail (25 slots)
  • George Newton

  • Erin Sidebotham

  • Matthew Packard
    New Frontiers Church

  • Rachel Packard
    New Frontiers Church

  • Laurie McMicken
    New Frontiers Church

  • Naomi Crystal
    New Frontiers Church

  • Brent Crystal
    New Frontiers Church

  • Henry Cooley
    New Frontiers Church

  • Lissie Cooley
    New Frontiers Church

  • Rachel Engelman
    New Frontiers Church

  • Mike Shevenell
    New Frontiers Church

  • Katherine Eaton
    New Frontiers Church

2nd Street Planter (3 slots)

Henry Law Park (25 slots)
  • Emily Carroll

  • Anna Teal

  • Elizabeth Egbert
    Working with my husband Blake Egbert

  • Jonas Teeter

  • Joel Dore

  • Emily Dore

  • Cynthia Walter
    Dover Democrats

  • John Atherton

  • Keith Teeter

Library & McConnell Center (30 slots)
  • Cliff Blake
    Member, Dover Arts Commission, Tourism Stakeholders Group, Cochecho Arts Festival Committee

  • Site Leader: Jim Verschueren
    Dover Democratic Committee

  • Denise Talon

  • Joanne Peck

  • Tina Charpentier

  • Ellen Cooke
    Dover Dems :)

  • David Watters
    Dover Democrats

  • Yulia Rothenberg
    Arts Commission, Dover Dems, Rotary, UNH Extension

  • Kayla Turner
    Dover Dems

  • Susan Kelsch

  • Karen Bowker

  • Walter King
    Dover Democratic Committee

    Dover Democrats & NH AAPI Democrats

  • Myra Aaronson
    Dover Dems

  • Arthur Eves
    Dover Dems

  • PJ Whitney
    Dover Democrats

  • Debbie Leavitt
    Dover Democrats

  • Graham Richard
    National Honors Society

Joe Parks Walk (25 slots)
  • Christina Pirkl
    4-5 participants will be in this group.

  • Steve Goren
    Amy’s Treat

  • Ann Reid
    Joe Parks Garden tender. DOVER OPEN LANDS COMM

Tool Distribution Coordinator (1 slot)

Allocate rakes, shovels and wheelbarrows to sites (log where things went) and ensure their return at noon.

Registration Table (2 slots)

Report at 7:00 AM to get names & email addresses of volunteers. Direct volunteers to sites.

  • Stephen Piper

  • Gail Daudelin

Lead Point of Contact with City Staff (1 slot)

On duty 7:00 AM

No preference (50 slots)
  • Jodi Langellotti
    Dover Mental Health Alliance, Dover Dems, OCDNH, Strafford Y Advisory Board

  • Fergus Cullen
    Dover City Councilor

  • Richard Kirk

  • Janet Kirk
    prefer with Richard Kirk

  • Dover Girl Scouts
    Dover Girl Scouts has 27 individuals who would like to participate, across 3 troops. We would like to clean up Hilton Park so we can follow our council's covid guidelines.

  • Nate Burnett

  • Amy Stocker
    have 11 year old child with me

  • Reid Amy
    I have an 11 year old child with me.

  • Elizabeth Fischer
    Joe Parks Gardens - we could use the help and we have cookies ????

  • Betts Davis
    Dover Democrats

  • Nicki Burson
    Working with Niyati Patel


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