Virtual 2020 Run Before You Crawl

your own race route!

We are very excited to bring you a reinvented 2020 Run Before You Crawl event in the midst of the COVID-19 era. As we cannot perform a race or pub crawl in person, we are happy to offer a virtual race that will taking place Halloween weekend!

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What Is a Virtual 5k Anyway?

The virtual 5k means you can run the race at your own pace and on your own course. Pick a path that makes up a 5k circuit and time yourself. Submit your time online and compare your scores to other virtual racers! The racing window for submitting your times is from Thursday, Oct 29 thru Monday, Nov 2. This will be done using your account when you signed up for the race. If you’re not sure how far 5k is, there’s many running apps out there that can help create a road course. Google Maps can help, too. Pro Tip: make it a loop. You’ll thank us later.

Your race time is monitored and recorded by you, on the honor system, so if you want to run a 2 second 5k, go for it! We won’t judge (much.) Just know that it won’t earn you any prize as everyone will be running a different route. But, you won’t go home empty handed! We will be raffling off gift cards on Sunday, November 1 to all who enter their time. So there’s that, which is nice.

Be Smart, Before You Depart

Unlike normal road races, this one is on your own time and on your own course. We want you to have fun, but please be safe. Your course will be missing stuff that road races have. No distance markers. No volunteers. No police escorts (unless someone spots you running through their yard.) Be aware of your surroundings and obey all traffic laws. It won’t do anyone any good if you come away from this race different than when you started. The race dates have been extended to give you a choice for best weather and time that works for you. We suggest you plan accordingly. In fact, feel free to run right now. The Oct 29 to Nov 2 timeframe is for entering your time, but you can run anytime you feel ready.

If you have any questions, please reach out to Gail Daudelin ( or feel free to call (603) 435-3806 (fyi, email is usually a faster response.)

Event registrations are non-refundable.


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